Why Should I Give?

  • You Can Make a Difference: By making your gift of your class year, you ensure future students will have every opportunity you had. Together with your classmates, your gifts of $20 and change add up to life-changing support for Panthers in edited-imageneed.
  • You Can Show Your School Pride: Your participation shows your confidence in Georgia State’s mission for student success! We’re getting nationwide recognition for what we do and you can show your support by making your gift today.
  • Your Gifts Add Up: Most Panther Retention Grants are under $1,000 and some are even as small as two or three hundred bucks! That means it only takes a few students paying it forward to make an impact for one of your classmates in need!
  • You Become a Part of Something Bigger: Giving back is a tradition! You don’t have to wait until you’re an alumni to give back to Georgia State.
Make Your Gift Today!