Most Philanthropic Caller

In celebration with Georgia State’s first National Philanthropy Day, the student callers were challenged with a writing contest. The callers were asked, “What does philanthropy at Georgia State mean to you?” The responses were both insightful and powerful. See what our winners had to say.


1st Place and recipient of $100 Macy’s Scholarship: Suraj Jimoh

Annual Fund14-0383 “Philanthropy to me is more than just raising money. When one is fortunate enough to be able to help a person, family, community, or even a university, you gain the opportunity to take in a wealth of knowledge.

One evening while speaking to an alumnus, she explained the transgressions she and her classmates experienced during their time at Georgia State. She graduated in 1965 in a time when the United States, particularly the south, experienced very high racial tensions. During the phone call, I could hear the pain in her words and the heartache in her voice. I also felt a very deep sense of gratefulness and respect. If not for people such as this woman, my plight would be that much tougher. The beauty of the situation lies in growth and change. I explained to her how now Georgia State is leading the nation in graduating African Americans and is also one of the most diverse universities in the nation. The opportunity to speak with this alumnus provided her with a new perspective on the university and provided me with a new perspective on my role as a student and leader in the community.”


2nd Place and recipient of $50 Macy’s Scholarship: Leontis Kirkland

Annual Fund14-0383“What I treasure is Georgia State University because it has afforded me the opportunity to progress in this world through my education.  After speaking with alumni, I have concludedthat giving back to one’s alma mater is important because it is a part of the cycle that perpetuates its excellence.  When students graduate with the skills they need to succeed, it is natural that they should support the institution that allowed them to succeed.  This enables the university to repeat this cycle again.  The institution will be able to support more students and produce successful individuals that will continue to support their alma mater financially or otherwise, giving the institution the resources to produce again. As a product of Georgia State University, if I could give my alma mater anything, it would have to be lifetime loyalty.”