Fundraising Club Levels


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Gold Panther Club ($35,000-$49,999)

LaTricia Robinson

Year: Sophomore

Major: Business Administration

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Call Center Goal: “Raise the most money and be the top caller every night.”

Fun Fact: She is fluent in sign language.


Silver Panther Club ($25,000-$34,999)

Wilfred Rivers

Year: Junior

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina

Call Center Goal: “Raise one year worth of my tuition and fees (out of state).”

Fun Fact: He published a book of poetry at age 18.


Jamell Sowell

Year: Sophomore

Major: Business Marketing

Hometown: Snellville, Georgia

Call Center Goal: “To get to the Silver Panther Club.”

Fun Fact: He has a twin sister named Jamellia.


Bronze Panther Club ($15,000-$24,999)

Sandra Chumba

Year: Sophomore

Major: Biological Sciences

Hometown: Athens, Georgia

Call Center Goal: “To project my communication skills and be a supervisor in the future.”

Fun Fact: She was born and raised in Kenya.


Pounce’s Club ($5,000-$14,999)

Student Caller Ontario Smith

Ontario Smith





Student Caller Leontis Kirkland

Leontis Kirkland





Student Caller Lakeisha Ligon

Lakeisha Ligon





Student Caller Kayla Duncan

Kayla Duncan





Student Caller David Babbs

Emma Ogletree





Student CallerDavid Babbs

David Babbs





Student Caller Dacia Harris

Dacia Harris





Student Caller Chiamaka Ede-Ifeobu

Chiamaka Ede-Ifeobu





Student Caller Alex Cannon

Alex Cannon