Annual Fund Honor Roll

121213 GSU Students Redo-3

As Georgia State begins its second century, our school is being heralded nationwide for making educational opportunities available to an amazingly diverse group of students and giving them the guidance and support necessary to earn their degrees and secure successful futures. None of these scholarships, programs or experiences would’ve been possible without the loyal and generous support of our donors. For helping Georgia State and its students get to where they are today — and for setting the stage for even greater heights of success down the road — we’d like to thank the following donors for giving at least $100 to Georgia State in the past year.

To find your name, please choose the first letter of your last name.

The Honorable Gregory A. and Mrs. Wanda C. Adams

Mr. Keith E. Adams and Ms. Kerry L. Heyward

Dr. Walter L. and Dr. Lauren B. Adamson

Dr. H. Elliott Albers and Ms. Amy Erwin

Mr. John S. and Mrs. Carol C. Alcorn

Mr. Jason F. and Ms. Courtney Aldrich

Ms. Patricia Alexander

Sandra P. Alexander M.Ed.

Mr. William T. and Ms. Donna N. Allbritton

Mr. Samuel E. and Mrs. Angela Z. Allen

Mr. Edwin H. and Ms. Carolyn F. Allen

Mr. Larry E. Allen Jr.

Mr. Matthew B. and Mrs. Elizabeth B. Ames

Mr. Bryant J. Anderson

Mr. Mark C. and Mrs. Kathy Anderson

Mrs. Paula K. Anderson

Ms. Janice C. Anochie

Ms. Efthymia Antonoudi

Ms. Melanie M. Antos

Dr. Beverly J. Armento

Dr. Lee Roy W. and Mrs. Frances T. Armstrong

Mr. Brent H. Arnold

Mrs. Carol C. Ashby

Mr. Gabriel O. Awotunde

Mr. Robert W. and Mrs. Eleanor C. Babcock

Mr. J. Christian and Mrs. Christy B. Baggett

Mr. Mohamed J. Bah

Mr. John and Mrs. Isabel Baker

Mr. Kerry A. and Mrs. Ellen F. Baker

Mr. Ray and Ms. Savindra Balan

Mr. Milton J. and Mrs. Linda J. Ball

Mr. Robert J. and Mrs. Leslie A. Balog

Mr. David A. Balos

Mr. William C. and Mrs. Margaret M. Balzer

Mr. Joseph R. Bankoff

Ms. Chiquita A. Banks

Dr. Henry Spencer Banzhaf

Ms. Grene N. Baranco

Mr. Scott A. Barber

Mr. William T. and Ms. Linda Barber

Ms. Jennifer A. Barrera-Maestre

Ms. M. Lea Barrett

Mr. William F. and Mrs. Patricia C. Bartee

Dr. Timothy J. Bartness

Dr. Richard and Mrs. Barbara Baskerville

Mr. Charles W. and Mrs. Joan S. Bass

Mr. Richard H. Batson and Ms. Nicole N. Yeesing-Batson

Mr. Charles and Mrs. Lola Battle

Ms. Nancy B. Bauer

Mr. Harry H. and Ms. Deborah L. Baughman

Dr. Alfons L. and Dr. Barbara R. Baumstark

Mr. Edward F. Bazemore

Dr. Forrest B. and Mrs. Virginia Beach

Dr. Ernest W. Beals

Mr. Kenneth and Ms. Cynthia Beard

Dr. T. kay and Mr. Joseph M. Beck

Dr. Mark P. Becker and Ms. Laura L. Voisinet

Ms. Bonnie Beerman

Mr. Tyrone S. Beggs

Mr. Robert H. and Mrs. Betty A. Bell

Mr. Joseph M. and Ms. Marjorie L. Belth

Dr. Gwendolyn T. Benson

Mr. Robert F. and Mrs. Jane M. Benson

Mr. Frank E. Bentley Jr.

Mr. Albert Palombo and Ms. Linda E. Berggren

Mr. Willie and Mrs. Elizabeth D. Berkner

Mr. Jay A. Bernath

Dr. Kenneth L. and Mrs. Katherine S. Bernhardt

Dr. Leonard E. Berry

Mr. Stephen C. and Mrs. Tommie Best

Dr. Guantao Chen and Mrs. Daoling Bi

Mr. Darin C. and Ms. Janice L. Billingsley

Ms. Katherine L. Binzen

Mr. Larry M. Bishop

Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Gloria Bishop

Dr. Roy T. and Mrs. Adrienne Black

Mr. Stuart C. and Ms. Vicki W. Blandford

Mr. C. Edward Blankenburg

Professor Ronald W. Blasi

LTC Daniel W. and Mrs. Margaret S. Bloodworth

Mr. W. Frank and Mrs. Mary Ellen Blount

Dr. F. Richard and Ms. Esti Blue

Ms. Brenda E. Blyler

Mr. Robert M. Bodnar and Ms. Melissa R. James

Mr. Blake S. Boggs

Dr. William C. Bogner and Dr. Pamela S. Barr

Ms. Shaheedah Boles

Mr. Jeff Boyar

Mr. Thomas B. and Mrs. Denise E. Boyd

Mr. Steven W. Bradley

Mr. Stephen G. Bradshaw

Mr. Colin Brady

Mr. Randall B. Brannon

Dr. Earlene D. Brasher

Mr. Gei T. Breezley

Mr. Gary B. and Mrs. Melissa B. Brennaman

Mr. Richard I. and Ms. Linda F. Bressler

Mr. Harvey B. and Ms. Mary Brickley

Dr. S. Perry and Mrs. Shirley Brickman

Mr. Stewart E. Bridges and Ms. Vickie Allen

Mr. John O. and Mrs. Gertrud A. Briggs

Ms. Misty L. Bright

Mr. Jason E. Bring

Dr. Margo A. Brinton and Mr. Eldon Park

Dr. Joanna Buffington and Mr. William D. Brook

Ms. Elizabeth Z. Brooks

Mr. Charles E. Brown Jr.

Mr. Cornelius I. Brown

Mr. George H. Brown

Mr. L. Eddie and Mrs. Virginia Brown

Mr. Mark S. Brown

Mr. Marvin S. Brown

Mr. Royce M. Brown and Mrs. Elaine W. Wessman

Mr. William R. Bruce

Ms. Patricia A. Bruschini

Mr. Cameron Curits Bryant

Mr. James Bryant

Mr. Alan G. and Mrs. Pam Buchalter

Mr. George M. Buchanan Jr.

Mr. W. Davis Buckheister

Professor Mark E. and Ms. Paula L. Budnitz

Mr. David L. Buechner

Mr. S. K. Buis

Mr. Thomas E. and Ms. Tina F. Burgee

Mr. James A. Burke

Dr. John A. Burrison

Mr. Virlyn W. Burse

Mr. Martin and Ms. Deborah A. Bush

Dr. Sarah L. Cook and Mr. Kevin P. Byers

Ms. Nancy A. Byron

Ms. Maribel Calix

Mr. A. Neill and Mrs. Jill Y. Cameron

Ms. Marie Cameron

Dr. Damon D. Camp Jr.

Dr. Joy M. Campbell

Dr. Debra F. and Mr. John C. Cannon

Mr. Mark A. Cantrell

Dr. Erik R. and Dr. Dawn Carlson

Mr. Brian D. Carmel

Mr. Bryan L. Carter

Dr. Richard D. Lakes and Dr. Patricia A. Carter

Mr. Stephen O. and Mrs. Hope M. Carter

Dr. Cara M. Cassell

Mr. Armando A. Castro

Ms. Ida P. Catlin

Mr. Michael M. and Mrs. Joyce F. Cavin

Mr. Christopher W. Cay

Mr. Richard F. and Mrs. Kimberly B. Chambers

Mr. Darryl R. and Mrs. Gay L. Chaney

Ms. Brenda J. Chapman

Mr. C. Ray and Mrs. Foye Chapman

Mr. Benoit Chassaing

Mr. Terry R. and Ms. B. Lynn Chastain

Dr. David M. Cheshier

Mr. Sean D. Christy

Mr. Tseng Y. Chuang

Mr. James T. and Mrs. Lindsey G. Churchill

Dr. Conrad S. and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Ciccotello

Mr. John D. Clark

Mr. Norman E. Clark

Mr. Damar A. Clarke

Ms. Kellie Clements

Mr. Andre B. and Ms. Brenda E. Cleveland

Ms. Wendi L. Clifton

Mr. Harold L. Cochran

Dr. William B. and Dr. Mildred M. Cody

Mr. Gene V. and Mrs. Lynda S. Coker

Mr. Anthony E. Colbert

Dr. K. N. King and Ms. Susan A. Cole

Mr. W. Dwight and Ms. Mary G. Coleman

Dr. Tim A. and Dr. Chrissy Coley

Mr. Jeffrey S. and Ms. Angelica B. Connelly

Ronald N. Cook M.D.

Mr. Jerome M. Cooper

Dr. G. Rankin and Mrs. Sandra A. Cooter

Mr. Bruce W. Cotterman

Dr. William W. and Ms. Kennethe Cotterman

Dr. Douglass F. Covey

Dr. Kay C. and Mr. Carter W. Craigie

Ms. Barbara E. Crane

Mr. John A. and Mrs. Annie Crawford

Ms. Mamie R. Crawford

Professor Daniel B. Crimmins

Mrs. Elizabeth C. Crittenden

Mr. A. Cam Crockett III

Dr. Deborah P. Crockett

Mr. D. Leon and Mrs. Pam S. Culberson

Mr. Darrell W. Daniels

Ms. Megan M. Daugherty

Ms. Abriel A. Davis

Mr. Chance E. Davis and Mrs. Rhonda L. Belser-Davis

Mr. Derwin B. Davis

Mr. Erroll B. and Mrs. Elaine Davis

Ms. Ericka K. Davis

Dr. James R. and Mrs. Esther Davis

COL Kenneth P. Davis

Mr. Walter L. Davis

Mrs. G. Renee Dawson

Mr. Edward and Mrs. Eleanor A. Dearolph

Mr. David and Mrs. Martha H. Decker

Mr. Michael DeKoning

Mr. Scott G. DeLay

Mr. Joseph R. and Mrs. Tracy M. Delgado

Dr. Jane F. Deloach

Barrister Pericles E. Demestihas

Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Harriet Dempsey

Dr. Charles D. Derby

Dr. Beryl I. and Mrs. Margie A. Diamond

Mr. Hugh O. Dicks

Mr. Shaun R. Dixon

Mr. William S. and Ms. Sheila Dixon

Ms. Nancy V. Dodd

Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Marilyn Dodson

Dr. Ann K. and Mr. James C. Doig

Mrs. Felecia R. Donald

Mr. Ronald J. and Ms. Suzanne F. Donner

Ms. Barbara B. Dornbush

Mr. Curtis W. and Ms. Capucina S. Douglass

Mr. Wesley C. and Ms. Joanne L. Duesenberg

Mr. J. Courtney Dufries

Dr. Irene M. Duhaime

Mr. Samuel B. Duke

Mr. Horace Dukes Jr.

Ms. Mary Jo Duncanson

Mr. John W. and Ms. Carol Duren

Ms. Sandra L. Dwyer

Mr. James E. Dyal

Mr. James and Mrs. Nancy C. Dykhouse

Ms. Pamela E. Earl

Mr. Merrill Earnest

Mr. John P. Ehrensperger and Ms. Mary E. Sullivan

Mr. Richard M. Eichholz

Mr. Charles B. Eidson

Mr. John and Mrs. Janet Elger

Dr. W. Crawford Elliott

Howard R. Ellis M.D.

Mr. Adel H. Elmankabady

Mr. David H. Emadi

Mrs. Frances C. Emmons

SFC Ronald W. English Jr.

Ms. Ji Eom

LTC Charles P. Ervin Jr.

Mr. James O. Evans

Dr. Henry and Ms. Roslyn S. Falk

Mr. Kahlman R. Fallon

Mr. Michael Farley

Mr. Ronald W. and Mrs. Janice C. Farley

Mr. Casey J. and Ms. Melissa C. Farmer

Mr. Daniel F. Farnsworth and Ms. Jennifer S. Dolde

Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Chandra M. Federle

Mr. John Fenton

Mr. Bradford W. and Mrs. Patricia P. Ferrer

Mr. David M. Fields

Ms. Jill J. Finan

Mr. Frank C. and Mrs. Mary E. Fisk

Mrs. Krista K. Fitzgerald

Ms. Arolue Flemmen

Ms. Colleen M. Flinn

Mr. Douglas A. Foley

Mr. Henry and Mrs. Joanne Fowler

Mr. David J. and Mrs. Linda C. Fraboni

Dr. Kyle Frantz

Dr. Martin D. and Mrs. Carol M. Fraser

Ms. Aldeana Frazell

Ms. Geraldine C. Freeman

Ms. J. Caroline Freeman

Mr. Martin L. Freeman

Mr. James C. and Mrs. Susan B. Frenzel

Dr. Lee J. and Ms. Joan M. Friedman

Ms. Nola Frink

Dr. Gwen A. Frishkoff

Mr. Jeffrey N. and Ms. Stephanie D. Gaba

Dr. Janet A. Gabler-Hover and Mr. William R. Hover

Mr. Patrick J. Gallagher

John W. Gamwell M.D.

Dr. Bikramjit S. Garcha

Mr. Bruce S. and Ms. MaryAnne F. Gaunt

Ms. Catherine A. Gavrilidis

Dr. Helene D. Gayle

Mr. Jerry Geiger and Ms. Jan Dahlin Geiger

Dr. Christopher R. Geller

Mrs. Kristy G. George

Mr. Robert Gerwig

Professor Andrew T. and Ms. Stephanie F. Gewirtz

Dr. Jeanette Gibson

Mr. J. Parker and Mrs. Melissa Gilbert

Mr. Alan R. and Ms. Angela P. Giles

Mr. Bobby R. and Mrs. Yvonne G. Gillham

Dr. Donald S. Gingrich

Ms. Julie Gipe

Mrs. Cassandra Glover

Mr. Steven Golden

Mr. Leon C. and Mrs. Betty C. Goldstein

Mrs. Irene E. Goodale

Mr. Scott K. Goodell

Dr. Lynda T. and Mr. Ray Goodfellow

Ms. Dorothy C. Goodman

Mr. Peter J. and Ms. Virginia S. Gorday

Ms. Kara B. Gordon

Ms. Leslie H. Gordon and Dr. Blake Leland

Mr. William E. Gordon

Ms. Janet L. Gossage

Dr. Martin F. and Dr. Kelly A. Grace

Mr. Charles E. and Ms. Mary Lou H. Graham

Mr. Ryan T. Graham

Mr. Larry E. and Ms. Christina M. F. Gramlich

Mr. Richard Graveline

Mr. James C. and Mrs. Carolyn W. Graves

Mr. Bernard L. Greer Jr.

Dr. Joseph M. and Dr. Cecelia M. Grindel

Mr. Richard P. Gromek

Mr. Richard Gudewicz

Dr. Angela M. Guidry

Mr. D. Craig Guinn

Dr. Janet A. Guyden

Dr. J. Narl Davidson and Dr. Edith M. Guyton

Mr. Belal Alwakeel and Ms. Ayesha Haddad

Mr. Bruce P. Hain

Mr. Randall L. and Mrs. Janet H. Haines

Mr. John H. and Ms. Shelia L. Haire

Ms. Karen J. Hall

Dr. John and Mrs. Virginia Hall

Mr. Aaron Halpert

Mr. Robert J. and Mrs. Bessie C. Halsey

Mr. Richard A. Hammill

Mr. Garfield Hammonds Jr.

Mr. Howard D. Haralson

Dr. Mitchel Haralson Jr.

Mrs. Susie L. Harden

Mr. C. Guy Hardin

Mr. Larry G. and Ms. Martha B. Hardy

Mr. James D. and Ms. Molly A. Hargather

Ms. Sheree R. Harmon

Dr. Loretta F. Harper and Mr. David H. Grubbs

Chief Deborah Harrell

Miss Danielle M. Harrington

Dr. Sidney E. and Dr. Mary S. Harris

Ms. Sue A. Harris

Mr. William W. and Ms. Malinda Harris

Ms. Elice D. Haverty

Mr. Donald G. Hayes

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Janice Hayes

Mr. Leonard J. and Mrs. Patricia Haynes

Mr. Gene T. Haywood

Mr. Andrew K. Hazen

Mr. Lyle V. Helgerson

Mr. Hal Hembree

Mrs. Collistine L. Henderson

Mr. Daniel E. and Mrs. Marianna C. Hendricks

Ms. Robin M. Hensley

Mr. Christopher Carpenter and Ms. Catherine C. Henson

Dr. Roger and Ms. Dianne Hermanson

Ms. M. Maxine Hicks

Dr. William B. Hildreth

Mr. Christopher P. and Ms. Adrienne Hill

Mr. Herman E. Hill

Dr. John M. and Ms. Jane P. Hill

Mr. Robert and Ms. Sharon W. Hill

Mr. Jerry W. and Mrs. Regina E. Hinton

Mr. Basil H. and Ms. Janice D. Hixson

Ms. Paula Holbrook

Mr. Tony G. and Ms. Pam G. Holcombe

Mr. David M. and Ms. Faye H. Holland

Dr. Alan S. and Mrs. Gail A. Horlick

Mr. John D. Hopkins and Ms. Laurie E. House

Mr. Roosevelt and Mrs. Gloria K. Howard

Mrs. Mildred L. Howard

Mrs. Sally and Mr. John Howard

Dr. Hugh and Dr. Cathie Hudson

Ms. Danielle C. Hudson

Dr. Floreine H. Hudson

Mr. Randall L. and Ms. Linda S. Hughes

Ms. Anna M. Humnicky

Mr. Christopher M. Humphrey

Mr. William C. and Ms. Dona Humphreys

Mr. Brendan R. Hunter

Coach Ronald E. and Mrs. Amy Hunter

Mr. David and Ms. Nancy Hupp

Dr. H. Fenwick Huss

Dr. Rebecca L. Huss-Keeler and Mr. Terry Keeler

Mr. Edward J. Hux

Ms. Mie Igarashi

Mr. Seiji J. Ijuin

Ms. Susan Iocovozzi

Mr. Jason I. and Ms. Ingrid C. Irby

Ms. Tashika Ivery

Mr. William W. Jackson

Ms. Janet E. Jacobs

Ms. Anne A. Jacoby

Mr. Peter A. James

Dean Steven J. Kaminshine and Ms. Cathy C. Jamison

Ms. Marlene J. Janos

Professor Olga S. and Mr. Robert E. Jarrett

Mr. Gregory A. Jarvis

Mr. Lamont and Mrs. Denise M. Jenkins

Mr. Adam D. Jennings

Mr. Ronald L. and Ms. Bette J. Jensen

Mrs. Kathryn S. Jewett

Ms. Alice M. Johnson

Mr. Jeffrey M. Johnson

Mr. Martin L. and Mrs. Joan R. Johnson

Dr. Hiram D. and Dr. Barbara K. Johnston

Mr. Randall W. Johnstone

Dr. Josephine M. Jones

Mr. Joshua S. Jones

Mr. Raymond and Ms. Shariff L. Jones

Mr. Thomas D. Jones

Mr. William S. Jones and Ms. Sandra L. Hinegardner

Mr. Damarre and Mrs. Karlene R. Joseph

Ms. Letitia A. Judy

Dr. Hae Won Jung

Mr. Thaddeus L. and Mrs. Yvonne A. Juszczak

Mrs. Jaime Kahn

Dr. Sang-Moo Kang

Ms. Nancy A. Keita

Mr. Colin Kelley

Mr. James W. Kelley

Ms. Cindy Kemp

Mr. William B. and Mrs. Katherine I. Kemp

Mr. Samuel W. Kendrick

Mr. Michael P. and Ms. Elizabeth A. Kenny

Justin M. Kerenyi Esq.

Dr. Patricia G. and Mr. Reinhard Ketsche

Mr. Brown L. Keys Jr.

Ms. Ahkibah Khan

Mr. John C. and Ms. Denise Killorin

Mr. Junghyun Kim

Mr. Jason and Ms. Teri F. King

Ms. Minette Kirkman

Dr. Elizabeth E. Kiss

Ms. Kathryn M. Kite

Ms. Marie W. Kleckley

Mr. Ramsey A. Knowles

Ms. Marie F. Knox

Ms. Juanita Kochik

Mr. R. Bradley Kolowich

Ms. Carol Koplan M.D.

The Honorable Phyllis A. Kravitch

Dr. Marshall W. Kreuter and Ms. Martha Katz

Dr. Nancy P. Kropf

Viswanathan Kumar Ph.D.

Mr. Michael Kwan

Mr. Peter A. Lamas

Mr. James W. and Ms. Bonnie H. Laney

The Honorable John S. and Mrs. Margaret E. Langford

Ms. Amanda Lanning

Mr. Joseph C. Larkin

Mr. John E. and Mrs. Helen H. Lauer

Dr. Susan K. Laury

Mr. Harrell and Mrs. Carla B. Lavender

Mr. Anthony W. and Ms. Hedvig Lavorgna

Mrs. Kelly J. Lawler

Mr. Stephen K. Lawrence

Mr. Winston Lawson

Mr. Daniel J. and Mrs. Deborah Layden

Ms. Cheryl T. Lee

Mr. Howard C. Ehni and Ms. Donna A. Lee

Mr. Harry Lee Jr.

Mr. Henry A. and Mrs. Marilyn Lee

Ms. Linda J. Lees

Mr. John G. and Ms. Kimberly K. Leibach

Mr. Christopher W. and Mrs. Susan B. Leiner

Ms. Molly Lenz

Mr. James E. and Ms. Mary N. Lester

Mr. Noah A. and Ms. Berna S. Levine

Mr. Scott A. Levine

Mr. Anil Lewis

Dr. Gregory B. Lewis

Dr. Jerry V. and Mrs. S. Joan Lewis

Mr. Thomas C. and Mrs. Patricia S. Lewis

Ms. Lisa K. Liang

Mr. Mark J. and Ms. Brenda Lichtenstein

Mr. John L. Lightner

Dr. Stephanie A. Lindemann

Mr. Peter M. Lindsay

Ms. Andrea L. Linnear

Dr. Ke Zen and Ms. Yuan Liu

Ms. Victoria D. Lockard

Mr. David M. Lockett

Ms. Shaun A. Lockhart

Dr. Kent R. and Mrs. Mary Elizabeth C. Logan

Dr. Judith L. Long

Dean William J. and Ms. Mary Long

Dr. Johnny W. and Dr. Carolyn J. Lott

Ms. Janet J. Love

Mr. William G. and Ms. Rita K. Loventhal

Mr. Eric M. Lowery-North

Mr. Jeff Loyd

Mr. William G. and Mrs. Connie Lucas

Mr. Johnny C. Ludlum

Mr. Gregory S. Lukens

Mrs. Ann E. Lusk

Mr. Hugh D. Lynch

Dr. Peter and Ms. Teresa Lyons

Ms. Nan Ma

Mr. Bruce W. Mack

Ms. Mary K. Mackinnon

Dr. James L. Maddex Jr.

Mr. Delane P. and Reverend Carole Maddux

Mr. Kevin and Ms. Joyce L. Malone

Mr. William J. and Ms. Brenda J. Malueg

Mr. Michael E. and Ms. Shelia G. Manely

Mr. Carlton W. Maner

Mr. J. Dale and Mrs. Janice W. Mann

Dexter K. Manning CPA

Dr. Nancy R. and Mr. Laurence E. Mansfield

Mr. Isaiah and Mrs. Sharon W. Mapp

Ms. Frances Marine

Mr. James S. and Ms. Judith M. Marks

Dr. David V. and Mrs. Lynn D. Martin

Dr. Lisa C. Martin

Mr. Jon and Ms. Merrilee F. Martin

Dr. Jorge and Ms. Sherron Martinez

Mr. Richard E. and Mrs. Virginia P. Martz

Ms. Tracey D. Mason

Ms. Sue S. Massey

Mr. Walter T. and Ms. June Massey

Ms. Amanda C. Mattingly

Ms. Annie J. Maxwell

Mr. William and Ms. Karen May

Dr. Felicia M. and Mr. Rodney L. Mayfield

Dr. Candice J. McCloskey and Mr. Dan Campbell

Dr. Kathryn T. McClymond

Mr. Phillip T. McCollough

Mr. David C. and Mrs. Kathy R. McCollum

Mr. Jerald G. and Mrs. Frances K. McCollum

Ms. Catherine A. McCormack

Mr. Michael K. and Mrs. Nicole McCormack

Mr. W. Ken and Mrs. Connie D. McDaniel

Mr. Michael J. McDonald

Mr. Walt F. McDowell

Ms. Deirdre M. McElhaney

Mrs. Alice McGhee

Mr. George A. and Mrs. Constance D. McGrath

Mr. Peter H. McHale

Dr. Thomas L. and Dr. Pearl A. McHaney

Mr. Barry P. and Mrs. Kristen L. McIntosh

Ms. Susan A. McLaren

Dr. Ephraim R. and Mrs. Jane R. McLean

Dr. Douglas S. and Ms. Dana B. McLeroy

Mr. D. Wayne and Mrs. Joan McMillan

Mr. Robert T. McNemar

Mr. Paul and Ms. Johnnie McPhail

Ms. Linda E. McSears

Dr. Alfred E. and Mrs. Wilmer J. McWilliams

Mr. Andrew J. and Mrs. Doris J. Medlin

Mr. J. Gary Meggs

Mr. Gregory J. Mein

Mrs. E. Tandy Menk

Mr. Jeffrey W. and Mrs. Jan M. Metcalf

Ms. Allison W. Metheny

Dr. Michael and Mrs. Theresa M. Metzler

Dr. Joel and Dr. Barbara Meyers

Mr. Rees A. Milikin and Ms. Lindsey B. Soto

Mr. Benjamin P. Miller

Mr. Jeremy B. and Mrs. Christina C. Million

Mr. John T. Milsaps Jr.

Mr. Gary L. and Mrs. Jenna L. Mimbs

Ms. Sharon E. Mimbs Bromley

Ms. Gloria J. Mims

Mr. Gary J. Minter

Ms. Teena D. Mitchell

Mr. W. Gregory Moffitt Jr.

Ms. Anaam F. Mohammed

Mr. Ahmed Moinuddin

Tracy L. Moon Jr., Esq.

Dr. Robert E. Moore and Dr. Julie L. Hotchkiss

Mr. Brent M. Bremer and Ms. S. Angelic Moore

Mr. George H. Morgan

Mr. John C. Morman

Dr. Robert D. Morris and Dr. Elisabeth Groth

Ms. Roberta L. Morrow

Mr. Samuel I. and Ms. Allison C. Moss

Mr. Robert C. Moss

Ms. Sherrill A. Moss

Mr. Michael Mudler

Mr. Carlton Mullis

Dr. Mary K. and Mr. Michael C. Murphy

Mr. Gregory K. Murrey

Mr. Aldus C. and Ms. Jan Myers

Mr. Julius G. Napoles II

Mr. Stephen W. and Ms. Nancy W. Narrie

Mrs. Belinda L. Nash

Mr. Grant F. and Ms. Lorie L. Nelson

Mr. Matthew P. and Ms. Christie L. Nerbonne

Dr. Carol K. Winkler and Mr. William Newnam

Mr. Michael A. Newsome

Mr. Donald L. Newton

Dr. James O. and Mrs. Dorris W. Niblett

Mr. Derek K. Nixson

Mr. Michael Nobles

Mr. William G. Nordmark III

Mr. Frank D. and Ms. Sherri Noyes

Mr. G. Christopher Nyce

Mrs. Annette O'Banion

Mr. Enitan A. Oduneye

Mr. John F. and Ms. Nancy S. Oglesby

Mr. Francisco B. Olano

Mr. Mark F. and Ms. Elizabeth R. Olson

Dr. Steven D. Olson

Ms. Victoria G. Olson

Mr. Nurudeen O. Olufowobi

Mr. Olabode O. Onasanya

Mr. Phillip R. and Ms. Barbara J. Oneacre

Ms. Anne Orndahl

Ms. Violet Oscar-Williams

Mr. Anthony K. and Ms. Mary J. Osei

Mrs. Sirce Owen

Mrs. Sarah M. Oxendine

Ms. Contessa A. Paige

Mr. John and Mrs. Caroline Pallat

Dr. Bruce and Ms. Barbara Palmer

Mr. James D. and Ms. Rose M. Palmer

Mr. Michael E. and Mrs. Terri Palmieri

Mr. Thomas and Ms. Sara Pankey

Mr. Jonathan B. and Mrs. Kimberly Pannell

Mr. Iqbal F. and Mrs. Janet E. Paroo

Mr. Ronald M. and Ms. Shirley H. Pate

Mr. Mayur R. Patel

Dr. Sarah E. Patrick

Dr. William S. and Mrs. Mary H. Patrick

Mr. Charles H. Montange and Ms. Kathleen Patterson

Dr. Donald M. and Mrs. Sharon B. Pattillo

Mr. Peter J. and Ms. Linda W. Paul

Mr. Gary E. Pauline

Mr. Michael G. Payne

Mr. Charles K. Pearsall

Mr. Herman and Ms. Rosemary Pennamon

Mr. Todd A. Perkins

Mr. Wade A. Philbrick

Dr. Richard D. and Mrs. Kelly A. Phillips

Mr. Charles J. and Mrs. Bonnie L. Phipps

Mr. John L. and Ms. Mary Jane Piazza

Dr. George E. and Ms. Kathryn F. Pierce

Mr. Walter A. and Ms. Babs R. Pirkle

Ms. Kim Pisor

Dr. Theodore H. and Ms. Molly Poister

Mr. John D. Poitevent

Mr. Robert W. Polatty

Mr. Thomas N. and Mrs. Becky S. Poling

Ms. Sallie Polk

Mr. Jonathan R. Poole

Mr. G. Richard and Ms. Bobbie A. Pope

Mr. Thomas Postol

Mr. John K. and Ms. Mary Anne F. Powell

Mr. Norman E. Powell Jr.

Dr. Cora A. Presley

Ms. Lorraine Presson

Mr. John P. and Ms. Stephanie C. Prevost

Mr. Robert S. and Ms. Camille Price

Mr. Charlie F. and Ms. Doris Prince

Mr. William G. Pritchard Jr.

Mr. Jeffery K. Pruett

Mr. Billy and Ms. Nancy Purcell

Mr. Paul D. and Mrs. Elizabeth Puryear

Dr. B. Booth and Mr. W. Philip Quimby

Mr. David M. Quintilio

Mr. Noel F. Rabinovitz

Mr. Jerry J. and Mrs. Usha Rackliffe

Dr. George Rainbolt

Mr. Christopher J. and Ms. Dawn A. Randolph

Mr. Onorato Rangel

Dr. Donald Ratajczak

Dr. Mary F. Radford and Mr. Charles L. Raudonis

Mr. Thomas J. Raynor

Mr. Todd and Mrs. Janet Reeser

Dr. John D. and Ms. Rebecca P. Reeves

Mr. William D. and Mrs. Susan T. Reeves

Mr. Louis and Ms. Helen M. Regenstein

Dr. Vincent Rehder

Mr. Jeremy T. Reid

Mr. Wayne D. and Ms. Rubye L. Reid

Ms. Laura E. Reinhold

Ms. Leola Reis

Mr. C. P. A. C. Reynolds and Ms. Linda K. Wiant

Mr. Ralph C. Reynolds Jr.

Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Ann B. Rhodes

Ms. Kathryn B. Rhodes

Dr. B. William Riall

Dr. Joe A. and Ms. Charlotte Richardson

Mr. Ted J. and Mrs. Cynthia B. Rikard

Mr. Michael W. Roach and Ms. Quynh T. Nguyen

Mr. Aubrey L. and Ms. Cheryl B. Roberts

Mr. Troy A. Roberts

Dr. Carolyn L. Robison

Dr. W. Jerry and Ms. Judy Rochelle

Mr. Gareth D. Rogers

Mr. William and Mrs. Josephine G. Rogers

Ms. Rukia M. Rogers

Mr. Brian Rooker and Ms. Jerri Nims Rooker

Mr. Greg and Ms. Leah K. Roscoe

Mr. H. Jerry and Ms. Dulcy Rosenberg

Mr. Michael J. Rosolino

Dr. Glenwood Ross

Ms. Kyla T. Ross

Dr. B. Sterling Roth

Ms. Leigh S. Rothman

Mr. John H. and Ms. Alice D. Rowley

Mr. John H. Lantz and Ms. Jane Royall

Ms. Hedy S. Rubinger

Dr. Duane M. Rumbaugh

Dr. Jeffrey C. and Ms. Deborah B. Rupp

Dr. Donald D. Russ

Mr. Patrick J. Russell

Mr. Mikal Saboor

Mrs. Margaret Sammons

Mr. Walter R. Sammons

Mr. Ronald B. and Mrs. Jennifer B. Sandberg

Ms. Jane B. Sanders

Mr. Theodore H. and Ms. Lisa G. Sandler

Mr. Joseph D. and Mrs. Sara Sansone

Mr. David M. and Mrs. Julia P. Sapp

Mr. John F. Sartain and Mr. Michael Nifong

Dr. Tim R. and Ms. Beate G. Sass

Ms. Kerry Satterfield

Dr. Martha A. Saunders

Mr. John R. and Mrs. Elizabeth Scarbrough

Ms. Monica Scarbrough

Ms. Lisa L. Scatamacchia

Mr. Frank J. Schiller

Ms. Theresa T. Schmitt

Mr. Gerald C. and Ms. Deborah Schreck

Dr. Arthur F. and Mrs. Carole K. Schreiber

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Elizabeth Schuler

Ms. Tina L. Schulten

Mr. Robert E. Schwarzmann

Dr. Curtis P. and Ms. Bobbie R. Scott

Mr. John C. and Ms. Joy T. Scott

Mr. Louis B. Scott

Ms. Valerie D. Searcy

Mr. Stanley M. and Ms. Georgia W. Segal

Mr. Eric J. and Mrs. Lynne Segall

Mr. Michael R. and Ms. Andrea T. Sellars

Mr. Joe and Mrs. Jere C. Sewell

Mr. Gerald L. and Ms. Cynthia Seyle

Mr. Cary M. Shackelford

Mr. Michael S. and Ms. Cynthia C. Shannon

Mr. Lee Shelton

Mrs. Eloise B. Shepard

Mr. Stephen and Ms. Eloise Shepherd

Mr. Russell E. and Mrs. Erica Shepley

Dr. Daryl Sherrod

Mr. James M. Shevlin

Dr. Jung P. and Mrs. Michelle Shim

Mr. Mark J. Sherman and Ms. Edith M. Shine

Mr. Frank and Mrs. Jean Shoppe

Mr. Jordan M. Shorthouse

Mr. Nicholas and Ms. Anne Marie C. Shreiber

Professor Milind M. and Ms. Seema Shrikhande

Mrs. Athena J. Shuffett

Mr. C. Robert and Mrs. Tina P. Shuford

Mr. Robert N. and Ms. Joyce R. Shuman

Mr. Doug and Ms. Beverly J. Sill

Ms. Laura M. Sillins

Ms. Mia Y. Simpson

Mr. S. Rahm and Mrs. Radha Sitaraman

Dr. Harold D. and Mrs. Toni P. Skipper

Mr. Michael R. and Ms. Eleanor Slater

Dr. Douglas R. and Mrs. Jill A. Slavin

Mr. Larry V. and Ms. Brenda Sloan

Mr. Aubrey K. Smith and Ms. Avis Johnson-Smith

Mr. David M. Smith

Mr. Robin L. Griffith and Ms. Dawn R. Smith

Mrs. Denuta V. Smith

Mr. James E. Smith Sr.

Mr. Reginald S. and Mrs. Janice B. Smith

Mr. Kavin K. and Ms. Mary H. Smith

Ms. Sydney D. Snyder

Pastor Clara Soyoola

Mr. Paul and Mrs. Sue Sparks

Mr. Charles E. and Mrs. Ann N. Speight

Mr. Jesse J. Spikes

Mr. John D. Spinetto

Ms. Carolyn C. Staley

Mr. Richard and Ms. Cathleen Staley

Ms. Sue V. Stallings

Mrs. Elizabeth P. Stanfield

Ms. Renee Stanton

Mr. Ronald B. and Mrs. Karen V. Stark

Ms. Margaret A. Staton

Dr. Sandra R. and Dr. Bret Steiner

Dr. Jeffrey L. Stephens and Mrs. Christina Mayville

Mr. Riley and Mrs. Rebecca N. Stephens

Dr. Kirk W. Elifson and Ms. Claire E. Sterk

Mr. John and Mrs. Jennifer C. Stewart

Mr. Mikel L. Stewart

Mr. William G. and Ms. Audrey K. Stewart

Mrs. Mary Ann B. Stith

Ms. Juanita S. Stokes

Mr. Frank D. and Mrs. Judy J. Strickland

Ms. Kimberly A. Stringer

Mr. Leamond C. Stuart III

Mr. Joseph G. and Mrs. Carol Stubbs

Dr. Carl H. Stucke

Ms. Rachel E. Sturdivant

Mr. Andrew T. and Mrs. Elizabeth B. Sumner

Mr. Brian H. Sumrall

Mrs. Natalie H. Sweat

Mr. Dorn H. and Mrs. Joanne Swerdlin

Mark and Suzanne Sykes

Dr. Phang-Cheng and Mrs. Ying-Mei Tai

Ms. Jinny C. Y. Tang

Mr. Matthew S. Taylor

Ms. Susan B. Taylor

CAPT Robert Temple

Mr. H. Penn Templeman Jr.

Ms. Jasmin M. Theard

Ms. Carroll E. Thebaud

Ms. Harriet A. Thomas

Mr. Jason P. Thomas

Dr. John C. Thomas

Mr. Paul W. and Ms. Margaret C. Thomason

Mr. Anthony Thompson

Nancy J. Thompson Ph.D.

Mr. Richard E. and Ms. Pollyann Thompson

Dr. Cathryn L. Thrasher Culpepper and Mr. Warren L. Culpepper

Mr. Arthur M. and Ms. Leslie M. Thurston

Mr. Charles and Ms. Sherri Timmons

Ms. Patricia A. Timms

Ms. Annemarie E. Tobin

Dr. Edgar C. and Mrs. Julia Torbert

Mr. Mark D. and Ms. Carol Trail

Mr. Kurt C. and Mrs. Linda Travis

Mr. Thomas S. and Mrs. Susan S. Tredway

Mr. Jimmy S. Trepanier

Mr. Robert S. and Ms. Amy R. Tropfenbaum

Mr. Henry L. Trussell III

Ms. Lori A. Turbe

Mr. M. Hugh Turner

Dr. Karen J. Minyard and Mr. Richard W. Turner

Ms. Verah M. Turner

Dr. Akinyele K. and Ms. Joy A. Umoja

Ms. Tammy Underwood

Dr. Eric G. and Ms. Yvette L. Upton

Mr. Rafey M. Usmani

Mr. Carter and Ms. Cathlean Utzig

Ms. Nancye B. Valencia

Dr. Pedro C. Vasquez

Mr. Erik and Ms. Jane D. Vincent

Mr. Joseph D. and Ms. Judy R. Viness

Mr. Michael B. Vlass

Mr. Randy A. Wade

Mr. Rodney D. Wade

Ms. Rose Marie Wade

Mr. Steven D. Wakely

Mr. Jeff W. Walker

Dr. Kenneth J. Heaghney and Dean Mary E. Walker

Mr. Allen R. and Ms. Joyce W. Walter

Dr. Binghe and Dr. Siming Wang

Mrs. Sandra Ward

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Warner

Dr. Karen and Mr. Dexter B. Warrior

Dr. David A. and Mrs. Catherine A. Washburn

Mr. John W. Waters

Mr. Scott B. and Mrs. Megan G. Watson

Ms. Cynthia A. Watts

Ms. Barbara A. Webb

Mr. Bernard L. and Mrs. Rose W. Webb

Mr. Andrew Weiskoff and Ms. Judith A. Aehle

Mr. Laurence A. and Ms. Patricia F. Wells

Mrs. Lois L. Wender

Mr. William Wender

Mr. Scott A. Werbel

Dr. Steven B. and Ms. Melinda M. Wertheim

Mr. Jack G. Westberry and Mrs. Gloria J. Swygert-Westberry

Dr. Daniel J. Whitaker and Dr. Page L. Anderson

Mr. James Whitcomb

Mr. David L. White Jr.

Mr. James and Mrs. Diane White

Mr. Steven J. White

C. Noelle Whitmire Esq.

Ms. Jennifer P. Whitton

Mr. Jason N. and Ms. Allyson Wiggam

Mr. John T. Wilcher

Ms. Elizabeth A. Wiley

Mr. William Wiley

Mr. Dov Wilker

Ms. Brett A. Williams

Dr. Brian A. and Ms. Rhina Williams

MAJ Gregory B. Williams and Ms. Rahsine S. Lawrence

Mr. John Williams and Mrs. Martha R. Goggins-William

Mr. McRae F. and Mrs. Brenda C. Williams

Professor Jack F. and Mrs. Pamela S. Williams

Mr. Raymond S. and Mrs. Sue Ellen O. Williams

Mr. Vincent T. Williams

Mr. John F. and Mrs. Jane D. Willingham

Mr. Barry Willis

Dean Margaret C. Wilmoth

Dr. W. David and Ms. Carol W. Wilson

Mr. Daniel C. Wilson

Ms. Denise Wilson

Mr. John V. Wilson

Mr. Ralph E. and Mrs. Valerie Wilson

Mr. Wayne M. and Ms. Suzanne M. Wilson

Mrs. Susan L. Winton

Mr. Joseph W. Wirthman

Dr. Ina B. and Mr. William A. Wise

Mr. Daniel K. Wiseman and Ms. Amy C. Wiseman

Ms. C. Dianne Wisner

Mr. Daniel H. and Ms. Judith M. Wolbe

Ms. Leslie E. Wolf

Mr. Scott A. Wolfe

Mr. Barry Wood

Dr. Roy E. Worth

Mr. Calvin R. Wright and Ms. Angelia D. Dunagan

Dr. Steven W. and Ms. Lynne S. Wrigley

Ms. Silvia M. Wyckoff

Mr. Wei Xia

Mr. Yi Xu and Ms. Yuan Shen

Ms. Gail D. Yates

Mr. Jae Hee Yook

Mr. Robert and Ms. Emmakate Young

Mr. Hilton Young

Mr. J. Brady Young

Mrs. Renee` H. Zahm

Mrs. Stacey R. Zeleznik

Mr. Zeljko Zelic

Dr. Weihua Zhang

Dr. Michelle L. Zoss

Dr. Mark C. Zrull and Dr. Natalie Oransky

Mr. Herbert and Ms. Grace F. Zwerner